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Monday, June 4, 2012

Comic Workshop #1

5 minute comic strip. The point of the exercise was to capture these six events in a quick fire
comic using: gesture, plewds (eg speed lines, shock droplets etc) and other traditional tricks.

1. Man is walking casually along street, wearing 
a scuba suit and carrying a boom-box
2. Man is startled by a bear
3. Man offers bear fresh apple pie.
4. Bear politely refuses and then insults the man.
5. Man is relieved.
6. Man dances of a cliff.

Best story ever!!!
The point of the whole exercise was completely lost on me.
But I think the fact that I'm well aware of this makes it all fine.

And I know boom-boxes are large and usually carried on the shoulder, but this guy is tall and clearly does what he likes.

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